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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  November 21, 2014 7:00am-9:01am PST

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bulldog: oooh! bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: ending soon. ♪ mattress discounters good morning. now that the president has outlined his plan for immigration reform, the debate over it has reached a new level. who is applauding the president for his actions and why some say he shouldn't have done it alone. a pretty good rainfall from yesterday's system for most. about 90% of the area, some fog.
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one more front to go and then a weekend update. >> reporter: how would you like to hop behind the wheel of a gorgeous sports darr car like this one? a little tight. you will get your chance this weekend. the san francisco auto show kicks off tomorrow. we'll take you inside some of these beautiful cars -- coming up. all right. and new information about corinthian college campuses. why about 40,000 students will be able to continue classes but how this will affect california as a whole. stay tuned. "mornings on 2" begins now. 7:01. you are looking live at the 57th annual auto show in san francisco. beautiful cars there. the event starts tomorrow. this morning, you are getting a sneak peek inside. alex savidge will show us some of the newest and fastest cars coming up in seven minutes.
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>> as long as he doesn't hurt himself. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> you would look good in that. >> i would love one. yeah. let's talk about your weather and traffic. steve is here. you are saying you may not have to take an umbrella. >> not this morning but tonight into saturday. some areas of the fog. not a lot but some. breeze has picked. clouds are on the increase. the system is moving on the north coast. we have a ways to go. by this evening, i would not be surprised if we get rain well up to the north. cloudy, some fog, not a lot but there are a few pockets of it around. cool to mild. 40s to 50s. clouds increase. north northward, beginning to move in. 40s and 50s on your temperatures here. it looks like the coolest napa,
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42. east bay temperatures, 52. 53. everybody is right there in the same ballpark. one more system. it roarks like high pressure will nose in. that will start a drying pattern on sunday of the and pro will carry into next week. fog, some sun, increasing clouds. clouds increase leading to light rain in the north bay and then overnight tomorrow into tomorrow. 50s and 60s on the temps. >> there's slow traffic. we haven't had a lot of accidents which is good news. you are absolutely right. but we did have a couple of things out there that slowed things down for a bit. bay bridge is normal. it's about a 25-minute delay getting into san francisco once you get on the bridge, it does look good. third and newcomb is blocked. the san francisco fire can't is department is in the cleanup stages.
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there's minor delays on the t- line. there was a crash right before the toll plaza. te -- they moved it. once you get on the bridge itself, it looks good. if you are try -- i want to move to the maps here. contra costa county, the traffic here is moderate. in fact, a little bit of slowing on 680 south through walnut creek. after that, it looks okay. at 7:04. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. it's being applauded and scorned at the same time. a day after the president announced the screening immigration reform plan republicans are fighting back. brian floor vess is joining us now with what is expected today. >> reporter: good morning to you. later this morning, president obama will head to las vegas, the same place where he unveiled his blueprint two years ago on this. as he's doing this, republicans are fighting back. now, the president again announced his plan in a speech last night. he says his plan will protect an estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants from
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deportation. immigration advocates applaud the president's action but some republicans say they are not happy with how the president acted alone. >> all year long, i've warned the president by taking unilateral action on matters such as his healthcare law or by threatening action repeatedly on immigration, he was making it impossible to build the trust necessary to work together. >> to those members of congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, i have one answer -- pass a bill. >> the president's plan in addition to having children born in the u.s. applicants must have been in the u.s. for five or more years, pass a background check and pay taxes. in the meantime, here in the bay area, immigrants rights activists are celebrating the executive action on immigration reform. dozens of people gathered at our lady of guadalupe church in san jose last night to watch
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the president announce his plan. he we talked with one man, a janitor and has been living in the u.s. illegally for 19 years. one of his children is also a u.s. citizen. >> we fight for any kind of solution for long, long time and right now, we look one more step to come out to the shadows. >> next, with the church is offering several informational meetings where immigrants can meet with legal experts and explain who qualifies under the president's plan and what documents are needed. also part of the president's plan, he said those who qualify will be granted protections for the next three years. in the meantime some republicans will do everything they can to stop the plan when congress reconvenes in january. meantime, barbara boxer said the president's actions will strengthen the economy and deep families from being torn apart. the debate just getting
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started. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, brian. happening now, sleeping bags inside uc berkeley's wheeler hall, they are replacing textbooks. this is day three of the student protest and sit-in against tuition hikes. you are looking at new video. we shot this about an hour ago. he's slownd a -- sound asleep. some slept inside a lecture hall. coming up in 30 minutes how one of the main buildings has been taken over by protesters, plus what the students are demanding. in the meantime, corinthian colleges is selling most of its campuses. however, this deal is not ausm -- all good news for california. 56 of the campuses will be sold to the nonprofit company ecmc. that does not include 13 of corinthian's everest and wo-tech
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campuses back in june, the u.s. department of education temporarily suspended corinthian's access to federal student aid. police in milpitas are looking for potential victims of a man accused of sexually assaulting a teenager. 28-year-old john ma lee -- job malina was arrested last week. investigators say he pretended to be a high school student. police say he uses at least five names is being held on $150,000 bail. happening today -- the holiday travel season is now underway. this is video from the oakland airport this morning. more than 46 million people are expected to hit the roads, the rails and the skies this thanksgiving holiday.
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that's the highest number in seven years due mostly to lower gas prices. coming up at 7:30, ktvu's tara moriarty will tell us about the situation at the oakland airport. she's also gonna tell us about a big debut that's happening there tomorrow. also happening now, motorheads are gathering at the moscone center in san francisco. automobiles from stylish classics to luxury sports car, even electric and hybrid vehicles are on display at the 57th annual san francisco auto show. alex savidge is there and he tangs us for a ride -- dash takes -- takes us for a ride. >> reporter: i don't want anything over the top. i am thinking this lotus might do it for me. this is the one for me. the only problem, this is a lotus sports car. it's a little tight. actually, come in here.
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check out the back seat. you put your buddies in the back seat. yeah, they are not gonna like u that's cramped. that's not -- this is one of hundreds of beautiful cars on display this weekend, beginning this weekend at the moscowny center, the san francisco auto show is back in town along with the sports car. you will see classic cars, a lot of high-end cars. the bentley, the aston martins. along with that, another big focus. i don't think the lotus gets the gas -- the gas mileage is too great. but fuel efficiency is a big deal this year. you will see a lot of the hybrid cars and electric cars this year and you will also see the latest technology. we talked a short time ago with a representative from toyota about their hydrogen fuel cell
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there coming out this coming year, 2015. >> it gets 300 miles per each tank of hoe dry jen. takes less than five minutes to refuel. it's a zero emissions vehicle, the only thing it's emitting is water vapor. >> what does it cost? >> it's based on infrastructure. when we first go to market, fall 2015, in in the state of california, we'll be having the price of the gas included in the purchase of the vehicle. >> reporter: you can check out a lot of the latest in technology here. fuel efficiency. it will be big at this year's auto show. moscone center, they are getting everything set up. chip, want to give him a quick peek. a lot of the cars -- a lot of the area in the hall is still being worked on. they are doing setup. the folks promised all of the
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cars in place, everything will be ready to go when the doors open 10:00 tomorrow morning. it will cost you $10 to get in the door. you get to hop behind the wheel of amazing sports cars and classic cars like this one. you can't beat that. checking out the price tag. look at this. this is not bad, you guys, compared to some of the cars. $100 grand. >> that's all? >> that's all. >> reporter: want to chip in? it's a bargain. >> hey, alex, one of our colleagues is in the market for a minivan. any of those available? >> reporter: well, you know what? not in the area i'm hanging out in this morning. we haven't seen any minivans. we're showing off a lot of these high-end cars, these luxury cars. but a lot of what you are gonna see are the day-to-day cars, the big manufacturers, the toyota, the fords, the gms, the hondas, hyundais. you will see all of the cars
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that you see on the road every day, their 2015 models will be here. you can hop behind the wheel and get a feel for how they feel for you. you probably will be able to find minivans. you will be able to find almost anything. >> all right. that's good to know. we're focusing on the high end. there's something there for everybody. we'll check back with you next hour. >> a lot of practical karls. >> sounds good. >> all right. thank you. 7:13. still ahead, that snowstorm in buffalo, it may have finally stopped but now there is a new challenge for the folks there. coming up at 7:30, what they are facing as they start cleaning up from that major storm. kind of in shock and i didn't really know what to do. >> an amazing story of survival after a student opens fire inside the florida state library. why this student is thanking a piece of his education for saving his life. traffic is moving along relatively well in some
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tearias. that dense fog is steve talks about, it's here in la fayette. the traffic is moderate. some areas get a little breeze. that's prevented the fog from forming. plenty to go around. a couple of reports around the bay, we'll have reports on a front due late tonight/tomorrow.
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good news. the 4-year-old boy who survived falling 200 feet down a cliff, he woke up from a medically induesed coma. sebastian johnson was visiting bodega head last week with his family. he got too close to the edge and fell down the cliff. emergency responders rescued him. he was treated for broken bones as well as head and face injury. his father says his son opened his eyes on tuesday after being unconscious for a week at oakland's children's hospital.
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7:16. florida state university is reopening this morning as students and teachers try to recover from yesterday's campus shooting. the gunman went to the main library and wounded three people. this happened about 12:30 in the morning before police shot and killed him outside of the building. investigators describe him as an attorney and florida state graduate who was deeply troubled and in a state of crisis. he believe esthe government was targeting hill for persecution. officers recovered a journal and videos detailing his thoughts. this is an amazing story to come out of the shooting. a student says a textbook for his theology class may have saved his life. the senior jason had just check the out delete books -- three books from the labor when he heard gunfire around him. he was able to run and escape the shooting. when he got home, he discovered how close he came to being shot. >> my poddy was kind of in
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shock. i didn't really know what to do. a few of the books i checked out had a bullet hole in them. >> the third book he checked out, a theology textbook had the actual bullet inside. kind of interesting. it was a theology book. a fortunate situation or was it actually a miracle that he got saved? very fortunate. >> all right, tori. 7:18. let's get everybody out the door. have you fixed things on 880? >> yeah, you know, we had an earlier -- i think you might be asking about that earlier problem in oakland. has it been taken care of? there was a crash near 66th. that's cleared up. no one was hurt which is good. they got it out of the way and the traffic is moving well in both directions. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for 25, 30-minute delay getting into san francisco. i'm looking at the south bay. the busiest freeway right now is 85 from the almaden valley
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getting up to saratoga and into cupertino and sunnyvale. it's not as bad as it would be on a wednesday or a thursday. 280 is better and 101 is slow. but you are -- if you drive every day and you are going today, it will be better than the last few. at 7:18. steve says that we won't have rain on sunday. >> not sunday. next week looks dry. one more system late tonight and tomorrow. there's areas of fog. had a tweet from bubba the tortoise. about time. pea soup says that. for those of you listening not watching, a few breaks in the clouds. we'll have increasing clouds throughout the day. the front is on its way for late tonight knight into saturday -- overnight into saturday. mill valley almost 2 inches. that was on top of the inch the day before. some of the totals, el cerrito almost .50. oakland nearly an inch. san francisco, .57.
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concord .41. in the hills of castro valley, 1.48. forest ville, novato .83. reports about .50 for many locations. weather headlines talks about some fog. livermore has fog. concord reports that. santa rosa, petaluma, la fayette. some morning fog increasing clouds. by noon the system will weaken as it moves south. it looks like most of next week, there are signs early december of rain coming back getting ahead of myself. you can see it's moving pretty quick. mendocino county, lake county, clouds are on the increase. but no rain yet but i would not be surprised by maybe late this
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afternoon, this evening, it does return there. our system from yesterday. a fast mover in the four corners. our next system is moving in tonight. 20s up in the mountains. snow up in the sierra. they had snow up at big bear. that's good in southern california. they got some rain and some snow. that was good. a statewide system. 50s on the temps and 40s. napa is down 41 degrees. it's cold for some. mid-50s for others. menlo park on the peninsula. one of the view in the upper 40s. it's close for others. los altos hills 51. foster city, 52. here's enough of a breeze to stir things up a little bit. not strong. but if it was calm, we'd have a lot more fog reports. sometimes this breeze can stir things up a little bit, enough to keep the fog from forming too much. here is the system as it moves more -- toury east than south. we'll get the cloud cover and light rain. there will be rain saturday morning. by noon, the system should be in san jose and not much left. the rainfall amounts have been cut. i'm not surprised. but there will be moderate amounts to the north.
7:22 am
but about .10 to .50 should cover it and high pressure is back. fog, sun, increasing clouds on the move. 60s for many. we get some morning sun. but increasing clouds throughout the day. not on the warm side. by tonight we cloud it up. some rain on saturday. there will probably be a lot of tule fog. >> we haven't had that in a while. >> used to set up in the sacramento and san joaquin valley and not budge for weeks. >> it's making a rare comeback. >> tsunami. >> thank you. a polish town is unliking winnie the pooh, if you will. the reason, they say he's not kid-friendly. the disney character was suggested as a mascot for the town's newest playground but the bear was ruled out because people in the town say he's inappropriately dressed. many people are concerned he's exposing himself because he doesn't wear underpants. so they feel he has no business being around children.
7:23 am
the town's council is still trying to determine who to pick for the playground's mascot. >> i saw right through there. >> okay. well, skiers, snowboarders, they've been waiting for today. coming up at 7:45, the two tahoe resorts about to open for business and why one resort says it will have to wait a little longer. but first, package pirates on the prowl as the holidays approach. the steps you can take to protect yourself.
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package deliveries are increasing. the holidays get closer. but so are package thefts. a woman in concord recently found this on her home security system. look at this. somebody coming up to her porch, stealing a box off the doorstep and all of the mail out of the mailbox. and then she litters. when the victim showed this to
7:26 am
her neighbor, she found someone nearby had also been ripped off. now, the victims say getting caught on camera seems to discourage some of those thieves. >> just having the camera in a visible spot which i do, it's very obvious to see that i have one, that it would be a deterrent for somebody. >> now, for you online shoppers, you are advised to add extra insurance on things that are expensive and also require a signature for delivery. you may want to consider using a neighbor or a work address for your dropoffs, be more secure. mail theft is a federal crime. it's punishable by five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 7:26. we are less than a week away from thanksgiving and this weekend, you can help provide a hot meal for people in need. turkey curbside donations begin tomorrow morning at st. anthony's in san francisco. the group collects turkeys every year and is hoping to get 1500 by thanksgiving day.
7:27 am
if you want to help out, you can drop off a turkey at st. anthony's dining room on golden gate avenue from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow and sunday. 7:26. a new problem for drivers on the bay bridge. how yesterday's storm caused problems for people headed into oakland. more than 46 million americans expected to travel this thanksgiving holiday. we'll tell you how things are shaping up at oakland international airport. it may surprise you. right now we're still looking at slow traffic especially in the south bay where northbound 280 is slowing down approaching the 17/880 interchange. we'll give you a look at the south bay straight ahead. three systems this week, one and two have gone through. number three is on the way for tonight. we have a few breaks on the way. we'll talk about the fog on this friday forecast.
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7:30. good morning. you are getting a live look right now at the oakland international airport where the holiday travel season is underway. coming up in just two minutes, tara moriarty will have more on the new service that's expected to help thousands of people get to and from the airport this year. big debut happening tomorrow and it's a big deal welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather
7:31 am
and traffic. steve a little nippy outside. >> i'm gonna step outside. >> i would invite you to. >> you are coming back? >> yes. >> we do have low clouds around. there is enough of a puff of a breeze to stop the widespread fog. it will be another mostly cloudy day. one more system on the north crest. light rain in crescent city. clouds are on the increase in the north. we'll cloud it up later on. this system it will weaken considerably by the time it gets here. late tonight for the north bay and then overnight into tomorrow. it should stop right around noon, should stop right around noon and weaken really big time. most of the system is headed east and there will be a little breeze accompaniment. but not a lot of rain. 40s and 50s on the lows. look for increasing clouds throughout the day and light rain developing. right now we're getting a break. we have areas of nothing and low clouds.
7:32 am
increasing clouds to the north bay coming in. patchy dense fog for a few. concord, livermore, around petaluma and la fayette. 50s and 60s. i saw a lot of fog on that highway 24 cam. it's foggy. we can't really see it. we don't have a good view of some of these cameras because of the dense fog. i would just tell you that the traffic is moderate as you come through. i do want to tell you traffic here is at the -- at the toll plaza, is pretty heavy, a 30- minute drive into san francisco. but it looks good on the upper deck of the bay bridge. 880 northbound and southbound looking good if you are trying to get a flight to oakland airport. should not be a hassle heading south. maybe later but right now it looks good in both directions. if you are looking at san jose in the south bay, the slowest freeway is 85. 280 is slow near 17. 101 is slow approaching the capitol expressway. but only pockets of slow. it definitely is better than normal. back to the desk. >> thank you. happening today, well, the holiday travel season is
7:33 am
underway. more than 46 million americans are expected to travel hitting the highways and the skies this thanksgiving holiday. that's the highest number in seven years. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us live now from oakland international airport to tell us how the lines are looking. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning. surprisingly not that crowded. we spoke to quite a few people who said they tried to book a flight later like this weekend but everything was booked. so they ended up going today. we didn't see too many next there over the past hour, i would say. travel here at the oakland international airport is going to be made a lot easier because they have a new b.a.r.t. line that's gone in. that's the building right over there. this is at the oakland airport again and this will be opening sometime today offering free rides in celebration of the event and then it will officially open tomorrow and trains will be running every five minutes from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with saturday service starting at 6:00 a.m. in san francisco, we know that
7:34 am
1.3 million passengers are expected to pass through sfo between now and the monday after thanksgiving. that's a slight increase from last year. we met one passenger who traveled year-round but was headed home today. >> i feel for people who have to travel during the holidays. it's a stressful thing to do. >> reporter: it doesn't look that bad, does it? >> no. but wait an hour. it's ebb and flow. you have to catch it right. >> reporter: at the san jose international airport, volume of traffic will be up 7% with 350,000 people expected to pack the terminals. parking will be tis counted by $8. that will be $22 total for the day. parking at sphee is tight. you are advised to take b.a.r.t. for domestic violence flights airport officials are recommending that you get to the airport at least an hour and a half early. live from oakland international airport, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. well, yesterday's steady rain led to a number of problems on bay area highways,
7:35 am
including this one on the bay bridge. look at this video from inside the tunnel on the lower deck. that rain flooded several lanes causing a very dangerous situation for drivers heading into oakland but there were no reports of serious crashes. meteorologist steve paulson says we've got another bay area storm system. it will move in late tonight which means a rainy saturday morning. 7:35. at least ten people have died from the winter blast gripping the northern united states. it's finally stopped snowing in buffalo, new york. but now rain and warmer temperatures are forecast for this weekend. that brings two new threats, flooding and roofs collapsing under the weight of snow made heavier by rain. with buffalo firefighters overwhelmed on emergency calls, firefighters in nearby cities have arrived to help. they are having to dig through 8 feet of snow and ice and use stretchers for those trapped from their homes. >> these guys are miracle
7:36 am
workers. >> what is your biggest challenge trying to pull people out of the neighborhood? >> the snow going up to the door. we have to dig past to everything and get into the door is the hardest part. >> that will break your back. nearly 200 people had to be evacuated from a nursing home ahead of a possible roof collapse. several times around buffalo are enforcing travel bans to free up the roads for emergency vehicles only. even the mighty nfl is no match for mother nature. the league is forced to move the game between the bills and jets to monday night in detroit. the bills hope to fly to detroit today to get in some extra workouts. they've been unable to practice because, as you can see, the poor conditions. for people driving from the bay area to the reno,/lake tahoe area, they should be prepared for dangerous conditions. this was the scene near blue canyon on highway 80 near placer county. snow and strong winds made it a rough ride for those driving up
7:37 am
to the mountains. many snowboarders and skiers we talked to said they've not seen weather like this in a long time. >> it was dumping earlier. it was coming down way harder. we could barely see earlier. >> kind of sticky but not bad. it's still early in the season. i can't complain. >> at this point, no chains are required on the highway. but the chp says that could change this weekend. in just a few hours from now, two more ski resorts will open. heavenly and north star about open at 9:00, about an hour 20 minutes. the resorts have been working overtime to prepare for the opening with machines making snow around the clock. they are hoping this latest storm will help build the base more. kirkwood had to put its plans to open tomorrow on hold. the resort says due to father
7:38 am
nay -- mother nature they may not able to open until sunday at the earliest. three people in san jose lucky to be alive, escaping a fire yesterday morning by jumping out of a second-story window. the fire started at 7:30 yesterday morning at a town house at pilasso court. neighbors heard people screeching for help from a second-story window. they put a mattress on the ground and people three jumped. they were not hurt. firefighters went inside, they say the fire was actually 1345u8. it was contained a smoldering couch. there is a new audit from the inspector general. it says the u.s. postal office's processing center in san francisco is overstaffed and ini fesh inter. the audit said there are too many employees and recommends eliminating more than 470,000 work hours to save $21 million. one suggestion let some
7:39 am
employees retire. the postal union president said that information is not accurate. management at the facility disagrees with the recommendation to cut work hours. hundreds of native americans plan to gather outside of levi stadium on sunday to protest the name of the 49ers' opponent. they will hold a rally demanding the washington redskins change their names. similar protests have included in other cities, cluferredding this one in min so -- including this one in minnesota. here in california, the state asimply recently passed a resolution urging the nfl to take action. some high-tech leaders in silicon valley did not hear what they wanted in president obama's announcement last night on the plans for immigration reform. tech companies want the government to expand the visa program that caps the number of highly skilled foreigners allowed to work in the u.s. facebook, google, yahoo!
7:40 am
and linked-in have lobbied for more foreign worker visas. in his speech last night, president obama did month mention any specific action to increase the visa pool, although he did say he would make it easier and faster for high-skilled immigrants, graduates and entrepreneurs to stay and contribute to our economy. don't be surprised if you soon see a unique kind of shopping mall security guard. check this out. this is night scope k-a, a 5- foot tall security robot. it users laser beam mapping, gps, microphones and even license plate recognition software. the robot reportedly can detect biological weapons as well as radiation and chemical weapons. damrahs transmit images so humans can decide whether to intervene. >> if something is messing with it and they are trying to keep it from doing its duty, it will
7:41 am
sound an alarm and send an alert back to the operations center. >> the company's said the robot's creation was influenced by the massacre and the boston marathon bombings. night scope is being sold as a subscription costing about $6.25 an hour. it could start being used in shopping malls sometime next year. it is 7:41. could the u.s. power grids be the target of an international power scheme. coming up next, the proof the government says it has that as many as three countries could be on a technical warpath. and excitement is building for tomorrow's big game. will it be stanford or cal? predictions from you, the viewers and even a unique canine. dweer's still -- we're still looking at a commute that has issues. for the most part, things are getting better all across the board. we'll tell you more about the east bay.
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or was it that tree? (man) introducing the all-new subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. ♪get out of my dreams happening now, uc students are still camping outside of wheeler hall, even though the vote on tuition hikes has passed. pam cook has reaction from the students. >> we're out there talking with them. the sit-in entering its third day. students are occupying one of the main buildings on campus. they do not look like they are moving any time soon. it started wednesday night ahead of the u.s. board of regents meeting. even though the regents passed the higher fees, the students say their protests won't end until the regents change their
7:45 am
minds. >> i think we have to keep fighting and keep putting pressure on and if nothing else then we're raising awarness about the issue and getting people mobilized. >> and they are definitely mobilizing students across the uc system where these kind of protests all across the state. under the plan tuition could rise to nearly $13,000 a year and to $15,000 a year by 2019 if state funding doesn't increase. that's just for the tuition. not room and board. uc president, janet napolitano, triggered more protests when commenting the increases are needed to help with employee pay and pensions. now, again we're out there with the student protesters. we'll have more reaction in our next hour of "mornings on 2". >> thank you. 7:45. you know, sal has been looking forward to today. >> yes. >> it's a very big deal. >> cal will play stanford in the 117th big game. last year, the cardinal
7:46 am
walloped the bears, 63-14. after winning just one game last year, cal is doing pretty good. they already have five victories. they need one more to qualify for a bowl game. >> stanford has a 5-5 record but they are still a slight favorite to keep the trophy given to the school that wins each year. i did a little research. the ax has been around since 1899. it started as a rivalry over baseball which i thought was kind of cool. >> you know, tori, we talk sports all of the time off the air. >> yes. >> cal is really happy to be here. their win valleys loss record. stanford, not so much. they went to the rosebowl and stuff. i think the team's moving in different directions. hopefully cal can win. if not, it's been a successful season for cal. i think stanford wanted more. >> well, i mean, it will be interesting to seeps what. kickoff is at 1:00 tomorrow. it's at berkeley's memorial
7:47 am
stadium and we have a poll up on the facebook page. you can tell us who you think will win tomorrow. cal or stanford. as you can see right now -- can you help me out? the -- 69% think cal will win. >> 32 votes. >> 30% or 14 votes think stanford will win. >> come on stanford people, get in there. get in there and make this interesting. >> i know. we need a couple of more votes. we see zoo animals sometimes predict the winner of the super bowl, eating a certain kind of food. >> we didn't have the zoo to do that. but pam who is still here, did video of her dog, pam. tell us about this. >> yeah, i placed bowls down on the -- i tried to rig it a bit but it didn't work. i put cue cucumbers. they like cucumbers. take a look. stanford or cal? which one? cal? no.
7:48 am
what do you like, moe? ucla. [laughter] >> there was a little -- >> in my house, the game is down in southern california. >> put bricks on both. those and then dog food on -- >> i really didn't. i put cucumbers and cheez-its. >> pam, you didn't cheat, did you? >> i didn't. it was pretty funny. good morning, everybody. >> nowhere else to go but traffic, is there? let's see what we have on the roads. the traffic is going to be better today than it was in the last few. as a matter of fact, westbound 24 -- westbound 24 is only about a 15-minute drive between pleasant hill road and the caldecott. actually, 13. better than that. the last few days, i had a lot of complaints this commute was terrible because of the rain and all of that. and 24 itself on the other side
7:49 am
of the tunnel looks better. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up for 15, 20 minutes. getting into san francisco, not a big delay but traffic is okay. i want to go back to 680, 680 is slowing down now between pleasant hill road and into the alamo area. 580 is better. but 680 out of pleasanton looks good on the sunol grade and into friendmont. we're seeing what we will could call friday light especially if you compare it to wednesday which was horrible for traffic. knew it's time for the forecast -- now it's time for the forecast, here's steve. very foggy conditions for some. told, damp after yesterday's systems. two systems so far and one more to go. low cloud deck around along with some of the fog. there's enough of a breeze that's keeping widespread fog from forming. marin county, just took the cake this week as far as rainfall totals go. mill valley was up there as
7:50 am
well. they had the most. after that, pretty good rain. about .5 to an inch. you can throw vallejo in here at .65. some of the higher elevations -- san jose died off. ear areas. oakland had pretty good rain, almost an inch there. so cal, 87/100ths. bay area rainfall -- we're bagging behind. santa rosa only 39% of normal. san francisco is 60 and san jose is 53. we'll be adding a little bit to sore. next week is look -- santa rosa. next week is looking dry. after our system which is up north right now, but it will be here late tonight and tomorrow. a lot of low clouds dool cool to mild. clouds increase throughout the day. rain northward by tonight and then overnight into tomorrow. you can see crescent city, if you are getting rain, you can tweet me or send me an e-mail. the clouds are moving in
7:51 am
especially up to mendocino cuck or lake -- county or lake county. napa, 43. most of the rain should be done by noon tomorrow. 46 santa rosa. upper 40s for fairfield. a lot of 50s here. even san jose at 49. half moon bay at 48. fremont is in there. morgan hill has dipped below 50 and 47 los gatos, saratoga, 50. there's our system. it will be pretty good rain. the projections have gone way down. we were up about an inch of rain or so. that's been cut back to 13/100ths. a little bit more to the north. coastal hills pick up more than that. a far cry. so the saturday rain is on the way saturday morning. some of this will be late tonight into the north bay. about .10 maybe an inch plus. the breeze will pick up. after tomorrow's system, then it's high and dry for a little bit. sunday into next week looks good except for the valley fog which will be back in a big
7:52 am
way. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. we do have increasing clouds. some of these areas. clearlake probably better about 54, 5 a on the high. rain saturday morning. by noon, i think it's mostly gone. clearing, sunny, warmer. early next week into thanksgiving. fog will be an issue in the valley. >> you have to drive carefully. that can be tough to see. 7:52. it's a scam, it's almost too effective to avoid becoming a victim. crooks userring their own money to steal from certain people. we'll tell you about this hoax in the next hour of "mornings on 2". coming up next, protests continue in ferguson, ahead of a possible grand jury decision on the police shooting of michael brown. the outcome predicted by the officer who fired the deadly shots.
7:53 am
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7:55 am
want to take you live to maryland. president obama is about to head to las vegas. he's going to a high school there in las vegas to try to rally support for the executive order on immigration reform that he announced on television last night. he's headed to del sol high school. this will be the third visit. he went there when he was a presidential candidate in 2008. it's also when he first laid out an immigration plan back in january of 2013. you can see the stairs being removed from the plane. 63% of the students at that high school in las vegas where the president will be speaking are latinos. once again, air force one about to make off from maryland heading to nevada and we'll continue to cover all of the impacts of the president's speech last night on his executive action on immigration reform f stay with us on "mornings on 2." meantime, more arrests in ferguson, missouri as the protesters wait for a grand jury decision in the shooting death of michael brown.
7:56 am
at least two people were arrested yesterday for blocking a street here and demanding the indictment of officer darren wilson. ferguson, missouri has been sense for months waiting to see if officer wilson will be charged. the grand jury will be meet for the final time today on whether to indict officer wilson. this morning, community leaders in sonoma county will respond to a violent incident involving sheriff's deputies and a man being boorked into jail -- boork -- booked into jail. it was all caught on camera. a sonoma county deputy recorded this video showing a 28-year- old suspect being booked for dui charges. this was last year. the sheriff's department and the suspect's attorney have two very different views of what this video shows. >> he's being dog piled by deputies, kick, punch, tasing him.
7:57 am
i count 20 independent tasers. >> i see the lot of humanity. i understand how it looks difficult. the force looks difficult but the goal is to get him to a safe place. >> this heated debate will shift to a courtroom next month. that's when the suspect is scheduled to go on trial. 7:57. it's a big topic. a lot of people are talking about it this morning. president obama's executive action on immigration. after the break, the republican response and how they plan to counter last night's very bold move. >> reporter: car lovers, you are in for a treat. the san francisco auto show kicks off tomorrow. hundreds of luxury cars like this one. classic cars as well. we'll see if we can -- tight security. we are seal if we can get inside one of these babies, coming up. traffic is moderately heavy
7:58 am
heading over to the peninsula. we'll tell you about the bridges coming up. a lot of low clouds around. some fog, i it's very foggy up in la honda on skyline. we'll talk about that. more on your forecast. you'll connect withnte, your doctor any time, anywhere. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. ♪ become a member of kaiser permanente.
7:59 am
because together, we thrive. ♪
8:00 am
♪get out of my dreams >> you heard billy ocean. get out of my dreams and get into my car. you are looking at a 1948 chrysler town and country beautiful, inside and out. you are very lucky this morning. we're giving you a live preview of the 2014 san francisco auto show. i will take that, too. and the burgundy one next to it. all of them. this is incredible. alex savidge is out there. he's drinking in the moments at the car show. coming up in eight minutes, he will be back again and show you some of the hottest cars out there. you will get a chance to see them as well. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." friday november, 21st. i'm dave clark. >> i would be very nervous driving those around the community. >> me too. a quick look at weather and traffic. dry for this morning.
8:01 am
>> this morning we with have one more system coming down. no reports of anything too heavy. it looks good for del norte humboldt county. we have a lot of low clouds and fog over us. for the morning, cloudy to mostly cloudy, foggy. cool to mild. clouds increase. rain northward. it will start tonight. it's already on its way. maybe late this afternoon for the north bay. once they start to move quick. this one is getting closer to fort bragg. we have a little bit of sun here this morning. but up north we're gonna see see -- decent rain. 40s and 50s. already spilling over which will lead to rain tonight. it looks like by noon on saturday. it will weaken considerably. fog, low clouds, some sun. not a lot. clouds are increasing. some rain starts in the north bay.
8:02 am
overnight tonight into early saturday morning. 50s and 60s. here he is, the man, sal castanedo. >> i want to show you the eastshore freeway has been terrible. well, today, it is what it normally should be for a commute. about 30 minutes driving from the carquinez bridge to the maze at this time of the morning. that's actually pretty good. one day we had 90 minutes. this is much better as you drive on westbound 80. you will see a little bit of slowing. i would say it's a do-able commute especially for commute time in the morning heading down into a crowded bay bridge toll plaza. when you get to the toll plaza, you will see it's about another 20, 25 minutes getting onto the bridge. but, you know, i can handle that. i think a lot of people can. southbound 101 between novato and san rafael, i have a little bit of slowing on 101. it's a little unusual. on friday, sometimes we have no slowing there at all. we look at san francisco here and traffic continues to move along pretty well. that structure fire thing that we talked about is gone.
8:03 am
the fire actually is out but there is a delay to third street, lrvs running on third street because of fire equipment in the area. 8:02. back to the desk. the hot button topic of immigration reform has hit a new level. while the president garners more support for his plan, republicans say the battle has begun to stop it. brian flores is live in our newsroom with how this all affects us here in the bay area. good morning, brian. >> good morning to you. the president just left joint base andrews en route to las vegas where he will go to the same high school where he announced this push for immigration reform last year. he will garner more support there but before that, we've already heard from republican leaders who say they will do everything in their power to stop it. >> the action by the president yesterday will only encourage more people to come here illegally and putting their lives at risk. we saw the humanitarian crisis at the border last summer.
8:04 am
how horrific it was. next summer, it could be worse. >> that was house speaker john boehner who spoke earlier in morning about why hes to not make the way -- he does not like the way the president acted without the cooperation of congress. the president announced his plan in a televised speech last night. his plan will protect an estimated 5 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. mostly parents whose children are u.s. citizens. advocates aplowd this. >> to those members of congress who question my authority to make the immigration system work better, i have one answer, pass a bill. >> now, under the president's plan, in addition to having children born in the u.s. applicants must have been in the u.s. for five or more years, pass a background check and pay taxes. in san francisco, local 87 hosted a watch party for the president's speech. the union represents jan teres and a up of them have lost their -- and a number of them have lost their jobs because of their status. many had tears of hope and joy
8:05 am
in their eyes during the speech. the president en route to the high school in las vegas, the same high school he visited when he was a presidential candidate in 2008. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. if you still have questions of exactly what the executive order means, stick around. coming up at 8:45, i'm gonna talk live with a political science professor. >> all right. meantime, police in milpitas looking for potential victims of a man who is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager. 28-year-old john malena was arrested last week on charges that he assaulted a 15-year-old that he met on the internet and investigators say he plea tended to be a high school student -- pretended to be a high school student. police say he uses at least five names and is being held on $150,000 bail. well, the state has fined pg&e more than $10 million for
8:06 am
a natural gas explosion that destroyed a cottage in carmel earlier this year. the public utilities commission says pg&e violated safety rules. they didn't give the crews the right equipment to replace a gas line in that area. the puc says that led to an explosion of an empty cottage back in march. no one was hurt. but the impact was felt eight blocks away. pg&e has been fined more than a million dollars by the state public utilities commission for exchanging inappropriate e-mails with regulators. the cpuc voted 3-1 in favor of that fine but two of the commission members did not vote because they were included in the back channel e-mails. pg&e will appeal the fine and says it's already addressing the problem. that includes firing three executives. 8:06. happening today, the holiday travel season is now underway. this is video from the oakland
8:07 am
airport. more than 46 million people are expected to hit the planes. the airports if you will this thanksgiving holiday. that's the highest number in seven years due mostly to lower gas prices. coming up at 8:30, ktvu's tara moriarty will tell us about the big debut that's happening at the oakland airport tomorrow morning. also happening right now, hop on board, fasten your seat belt and get ready for one memberrer ash ride. alex savidge, there he is. he's at the moscone center at the san francisco auto show. you are looking in compact space there, alex. >> reporter: i'm getting claustrophobic. i love these fancy cars but i'm not sure they are the most practical family cars necessarily. we're in the back seat here of -- i craned myself in the -- crammed myself in the back seat of this lotus. there is not a whole lot of
8:08 am
room. i think i'm losing circulation. take a look at the outside. we're talking about a compact car. i'm gonna from myself here as i talk to you here but we're inside the -- this is not gonna work. >> take your time. >> reporter: now we're good. okay. we're inside moscone center this morning. we are having fun. it's just a blast. hundreds of beautiful sports cars, luxury cars. they have a ton of classic cars here. if you are a classic car enthusiast, you are just gonna be in heaven. they have beautiful cars from the 20s, 30s and 40s. we were behind the wheel earlier this morning. at the same time a little while ago, we took a look under the hood of a gorgeous hotrod. >> this particular car has probably 600 horse power. a guy, you know, if he wants to get a little rowdy, he can. >> reporter: what's so special
8:09 am
about this car? >> it's a 55 chevy. it's an icon. all of the bumpers have been smooth. no bumper bolts. there's a lot of little things that make the whole package. >> herary more of the classic cars -- here's more of the classic cars. the show will kick off, 10:00 tomorrow morning. moscone center. it costs you $10 if you are an adult, $10 get to -- to get in the door. you will be able to hop behind the wheel of amazing cars that you would never have an opportunity to otherwise sit in. and you will be able to take a close look at the 2015 models of a lot of your favorite brands, the toyotas, the hondas, the fords and gms. it's a chance to check out all of those cars at the same time. should be a lot of fun. i'm having a blast. i cannot believe they are letting me behind the wheels.
8:10 am
>> that's a beautiful car. alex, i want to give you a warning because we have been covering this auto show for quite a few years. we had an entertainment host who went into a car and got locked inside accidentally. literally. they had to go find a manager to get the key. he was getting claw dro phobic. he couldn't breathe. i'm glad you are in a convertible with the top down. >> reporter: yeah, you noticed -- i do tend to get clause claustrophobic. it's true. that's a tight, tight that's in the lotus. that's why i've been sticking with the convertibles, mostly. some of these cars, they don't all have the keys. you just have to walk around and find the ones that are open and those are the ones that you can hop in. and then there's ones like this, i don't even know where the door handle is. [laughter] >> reporter: you are right. there is a real tang -- danger
8:11 am
showing up early and not necessarily having the key to the car anywhere nearby. i will be careful. i promise. >> glad to hear that. that thunderbird behind that, my dad used to have one, a '54 thunderbird. beautiful car. >> reporter: these are all -- all right. thank you. a lot of cars to check out there. a lot of fun things to do for the family for the weekend. >> i want to be alex when i grow up. still ahead, there is a new problem on the bay bridge. it caught a lot of driversers by surprise -- drivers by surprise. concerns about flooding as more rain heads our way. but first, interesting question. have you been accused of drinking too much but strongly disafree? after the break, the new government study that says she we need to change our thinking about what this means to have a drinking problem. we're looking at a commute
8:12 am
where traffic on 880 northbound a little bit slow as you approach 66 and head up to downtown. we'll tell you more about that coming up. three systems this week. finally good rain. we'll take a look at totals. one more on the way. we'll have the update on that. television announcer: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale $197 mattress sale is ending soon. bulldog: mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: right now, you can get a serta mattress, any size, for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set.
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8:14 am
china and at least one or two other countries have the capacity to launch a cyber attack that could cripple the power grid of the united states. that's according to the head of the national security agency.
8:15 am
admiral michael rogers who also serves as chief of the u.s. cyber command told congress the u.s. has detected malware from china and elsewhere on the nation's computer systems. rogers also said he sees a coming trend of nation's vulnerability in the cyber systems to disrupt the economy. a recall of 423,000 lexus cars because of a fuel leak that could start a fire. now, the recall affects the models listed -- we're showing you them on the screen. toyota says the cars' fuel lines have nickel phosphate plating to correct against corrosion. some of the lines were bim with particles that come in contact with a gasket. that can cause a leak and start a fire. lekus dealers will fix the problem at no cost. a new government report suggests most people who drink to get drunk are not
8:16 am
alcoholics. the centers for disease control and prevention study found that nine out of ten people who drink too much are not addicted to alcohol. researchers say this means that heavy drinkers can more easily change their behavior than true alcoholics. it looks like a change in behavior is in order to help save lives. the cdc excessive drinking kills 88,000 americans each year. unfortunately, this time of year, the holidays, it tends to be even more prevalent. >> that's a totally different perspective on it. >> all right. let's check in with sal. everybody behaving for you at the toll plaza? >> it's still slow. i'm just looking at it here. it's improving. i want to show you that traffic approaching on 880 -- on 880 is not that bad. if you look at the ramp to the left and kind of in the middle of the shot there, 880 ramp, it's kind of a horizontal line coming through at the top there. you can see that traffic is not all that bad and it's moving
8:17 am
along very well. this is by far the best day we've had at the bay bridge toll plaza. we've had bad commutes this week because of the wet weather. i think wednesday was probably the worse but we've had a couple of bad ones. things are looking better on the san mateo bridge. want to talk about oakland again because traffic is moving along nicely on northbound 880 as you pass the coliseum. 580 is not all that bad. we've had a little slowing after highway 13. things are better. when you get into san francisco, the freeway system there is just moderate. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds, fog. foggy areas. a couple of pictures coming in from not only the north bay but around morgan hill as well. be careful if you are heading down that direction. maybe san jose to morgan hill or gilroy. not much of a breeze. but there's enough of one that the fog is hit and wrist and not widespread. there's more just a puff than anything else. some of the rain totals, marin county, very, very impressive here. not only from the first system but the second. there will be one more system i
8:18 am
don't think they will get that much rain out. oakland almost an inch. mount davidson. .47. vallejo, william tweety, .65 pleasanton, finally the yard is happy, an inch of rain. the ground is like, thank you. thank you. forestville .6 a. novato, .83. not too shabby. pretty good rainfall. but we're still running behind here. but at least we are getting rain. santa rosa is 39%. san francisco 60. we'll add to the totals with tonight's tomorrow and then tomorrow. we'll eight get a break around december 8th. by the time this system arrives, it looks like this will weaken late tonight, tomorrow. cloudy, low cloud, fogs. some rain will start by later this afternoon. it's already beginning to move in. you can see spreading a lot of high clouds into mendocino county. >> lake county.
8:19 am
it looks like fort bragg. it's very light. it's a sign of things to come. unfortunately, the system is taking most of the energy north and east of us. it's also a warmer system for the sierra nevada which got some snow and there was even snow down to big bear and rain all the way down to delmar. statewide that was a good system. 49 in ukiah. a lot of 40s here. napa airport dipped to 41. 40s even in san jose, half moon bay but 50s for most. a couple of 40s. kind of a cold, damp pattern for some. we'll get some rain here. but unfortunately, the forecast projection for the totals has gone way down. but we'll still get some rain out of this late tonight, tomorrow. after that, high pressure builds in for what looks like a quiet pattern starting on sunday. there will be fog around. there's some of that today. i think there will be more unless we get a goods breeze next week. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. highs, 50s, 60s. clouds thicken up tonight. we'll get rain north bay late
8:20 am
tonight overnight into saturday. i think by noon most of this is gone on saturday and then clearing out sunday, monday, tuesday. warmer. there will be valley fog. north bay, east bay probably. >> all right. >> a break from the rain. >> better than what the folks are dealing with back east. >> probably get rain in buffalo. a lot of rain. >> yeah. >> all right. 8:20. it's a bus like you've never seen or smelled before. in 30 minutes, the city with an unusual form of transportation that runs on something you will never believe. package pirates are on the prowl. after the break, what you might want to consider before you buy something online.
8:21 am
8:22 am
female announcer: are ending soon at sleep train! we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices. now it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with big savings of up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. plus, free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save! mattress price wars ends soon at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
8:23 am
8:22. police in maryland are warnth public about a holiday scam that's getting national attention. it involves both thieves using their own money to target shoppers heading back from the mall. police say drivers notice a $100 bill on their windshield. the driver will then get out of the car to grab the money often after putting the keys in the ignition. that's when the thief jumps inside the car and speeds off. package deliveries are increasing as the holidays approach and with them, the number of package thefts. a concord woman recently found this on her security home -- home security system. someone coming onto her porch to steal a box off her doorstep
8:24 am
and the mail out of her mailbox. when the victim shared her video with neighbors, she found someone nearby had also been ripped off. victims say getting caught on camera seems to discourage some culprits. >> having the car camera in a visible spot, it's very obvious to see that i have one, that it would be a deterrent for somebody. >> online shoppers are urged to add extra insurance on expensive items and require a signature for delivery. using a neighbor or work address. as long as your boss is okay. mail theft is a federal crime punishable by five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. 8:24. a homeless man in virginia gets his thanksgiving holiday wish. he gets a family. >> it would mean the world to me if somebody took me in just for that one day. a couple of hours. >> this is neil shidels.
8:25 am
he's lived at a homeless shelter in virginia for more than a year. he lost his job as a cabdriver e. he uses his social security checks to pay for a room at the shelter. he called a local tv station. he said he would like a family to invite him to their home for thanksgiving dinner. well, after hearing neil's story, dozens of people responding. and neil will have thanksgiving dinner next week with one of those families. happening today, there's a special delivery for oakland's jack london square, it's big, too. it's the annual delivery of the shopping district's christmas tree. every year, a tree is delivered from mt. shasta. these are live pictures. there it is. see the top of it? the crews cover it with 5,000 lights and 600 ornaments. the official tree lighting ceremony is friday, december 5th. the celebration will start at 5:00 p.m. it will include appearances from the oakland ballet's sugarplum fairies and the tap
8:26 am
dancing christmas trees. pretty. it's day three for the uc berkeley students protesting a tuition hike. coming up in six minutes, what they say has to take place in order for them to end their protests. >> reporter: the new b.a.r.t. lirn to the oakland airport is unveiled today. just in time for the thanksgiving holiday travel rush. we'll tell you what to expect -- next. right now, we're still looking at slow traffic in some areas. but we've had improvement. highway 24 looks good. i will show you what the bay bridge toll plaza looks like coming up. a lot of cloud cover in the air. some fog. one more system to go. does not look that strong. increasing clouds already on your friday forecast.
8:27 am
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♪ we're live. it's holiday travel time. we're live at the oakland international airport this morning. holiday travel season is taking off. ktvu's tara moriarty is out at the airport. she will be here in about six minutes. she will tell you about a new service rolling out this weekend expected to help thousands of people get to the airport this year. stay tuned for all of the information. happy travels. thank you for joining us. november 21st. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson is here and the forecast? >> a lot of fog this morning, dave. a lot of reports of fog. cold, damp after yesterday's rain which was pretty good. a couple of systems. one more to go even though this one looks like it will weaken considerably. we had the low clouds around and the fog. some of that rain inching even
8:30 am
now -- it looks like northern mendocino county. it's very light. we have to wait for the front that will be here overnight and tomorrow. mostly cloudy, areas of fog, chilly, mild. clouds increase. the heaviest rain is still offshore. this is a warm overreturning out ahead of it. light rain possible. it's getting closer as things thicken up a little bit. if there's any breaks. 40s, 50s on the temps. very cool. temperatures start to warm up ever so slowly. the system will drag across us overnight into 10:00 in the morning or noon and then after that, it looks like things calm down as it falls apart and moves south. a lot of cloud cover. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. sal, correct me if i'm wrong, i haven't heard too much. >> we've been doing very well out there. we haven't had a lot going on and the commute has been pretty good when it comes to major accidents. now, if we start on 880 in
8:31 am
oaklandth we do have some slowing here at the coliseum or just past the coliseum as you drive up to downtown oakland which is pretty typical. it's not unusual. but even there it looks better than normal. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's about a 15, 20-minute delay getting into san francisco before you make it to the other side. south bay commute seems to be winding down, even 85 that was slow earlier. continues to look good. 8:31. back to the desk. >> thank you. happening now, uc students are still camping inside wheeler hall at uc berkeley even though the vote to raise tuition has passed. pam cook is in the studio to tell us how the students are reacting, pam. >> pretty heartfelt this morning. the sit-in at wheeler hall entering the third day. students are there occupying the main building on campus. they do not look like they are moving any time soon. this is video from earlier today. now, this owl started wednesday night ahead of the uc board of
8:32 am
regents meeting to increase tuition. we're talking to students this morning who say even show the regents passed that hike, protests won't end until the regents change their minds. one student we spoke to was hoping for a dairy farmer. >> i'm graduating in two and a half years and i'm facing $25,000 in debt which makes that career impossible. >> i think this tuition increase represents the increase -- making students pay out of pocket to go to what should be a public institution. >> the students actually have three demands. they want the uc regents to reverse the vote to raise tuition which could be as much as 5% for each of the next five years. they also want complete transparency of the uc system budget and they want the charges dropped against one student who was arrested during the protests. we're out there with the students today this morning, we'll be out there with them
8:33 am
today. all throughout the day and the evening. dave? >> thank you, pam. 8:32. corinthian colleges are selling most of their campuses. 56 of the 107 campuses will be sold to ecmc. however, that does not include 13 of corinthian's everett or wyo tech campuses or wheeled campuses in california. the company is searching for more buyers. they will continue to operate the remaining 39 campuses until they are sold. they've been the focus both state and federal investigations. back in june, the d department of edge -- the department of education temporarily suspended their aid arc arc -- arc ses. the steady rain yesterday lead to problems including a problem on the bridge. this is inside the tunnel on the lower deck. all of that rain flooded
8:34 am
several lanes causing a very dangerous situation for drivers heading into oakland. no reports of any serious crashes. you've heard steve paulson. he says another storm system tonight is gonna create a rainy saturday morning. the death tom from this week's snowstorm in upstate new york has gone up to 13. it's finally stopped snowing in buffalo. but rain and warmer temperatures are forecast for this weekend and that means new threats flooding and then the roofs collapsing from the weight of all of that snow made heavier by rain. there were 30 major building collapses overnight. meantime the buffalo bills hope to be able to get out of the area today. they are scheduled on sunday. the scheduled game against the jets. it was moved to monday night in detroit. happening today, the holiday travel season is underway. more than 46 million americans are expected to travel this thanksgiving holiday. the vast majority will be hitting the road since gas
8:35 am
prices are so low. some are taking to the friendly skies today. at least they lone they will be -- at least they hope they will be friendly. tara moriarty is live there to let us know how the lines are looking. >> reporter: not too bad. good morning. around 5:00, we got our first rush of the morning. it's really slowed down since then. we were inside, we saw the security lines and it started dwindling, probably around 6:00 this morning. sfo says typically the friday before thanksgiving is the busiest day of the whole year. that could be the wednesday before thanksgiving here in oakland. we just don't know until the numbers come in. we'll have to see how that plays out. we want to mention at the oakland airport that we have a brand-new service unveiled. the b.a.r.t. station is right there. you are looking at the brand- new one. this will be opening tomorrow. sometime today, they are gonna be offering free rides in celebration of the event. again, the new b.a.r.t. station at oakland airport officially opening tomorrow and
8:36 am
trains running every five minutes from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. with saturday service starting at 6:00 a.m. in san francisco, 1.3 million passengers are expected to pass through sfo between now and the month after thanksgiving. that's a slight increase from last year. passengers we spoke to said they felt things were running smoothly with no flight delays so far. >> i honestly was expecting a lot more crowds. it's -- it doesn't seem too bad. i'm hoping -- this is my first time flying alone. i'm hoping i get through it. >> you picked the busy time of the year. >> yeah, it's a great choice. >> reporter: at san jose international airport, the volume of traffic will be up 7% with 350,000 people expected to pack the terminal. parking will be discounted by $8. so $22 a day and parking at sfo is tight. you are advised to take b.a.r.t. back here live, you can see that one of those b.a.r.t. trains is testing out the tracks there. they will be offering free rides today. if you have to get to the airport tomorrow, you can take one of those b.a.r.t.
8:37 am
trains to get in, which would greatly help the wallet so you wouldn't have to pay for parking. if you have a domestic flight, you are advised to get here an hour and a half before depare chur -- departure. an international flight, make it two hours. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. things are going smoothly. we're still waiting to find out if a ferguson, missouri police officer will be indicted for the fatal shooting of michael brown. after the break, what the officers think will happen and how his future with the police department depends on that decision. we will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country. >> republican reaction. after the break, how they are fighting back following the historic move to help millions of undocumented immigrants. there is a big problem in san francisco suddenly. there was a big rig trying to leave on the bay bridge. it hit one of the -- it hit a
8:38 am
clearing here. and traffic is messed up trying to leave the city. getting out to the lower deck. we'll tell you more about what happened coming up. a lot of fog as well. some of that has popped up late to the party. it's here. we also have one more front which will give us some rain. we'll have details on the friday forecast. my grandkids bought this nest learning thermostat. programs itself... connects to their precious phones. i don't like it. being cold builds character. walking back and forth to the thermostat builds leg muscles. when the internets come to life and all these gizmos turn on us, these kids won't be able to run away on those shriveled little calves. will they love their nest thermostat then? i don't think so. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] get your taste of the season, at raley's, bel air, and nob hill.
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this action, the president has chosen to deliberately sabotage any chance of enacting bipartisan reforms that he claims to seek. as i told the president yesterday, he's damaging the presidency itself. in the days ahead, the people's house will rise to this challenge. we will not stand idle as the president undermines the rule of law in our country and places lives at risk. we'll listen to the american people. we'll work with our members and we will work to protect the constitution of the united states. that was just this morning, a few hours ago, warning from house speaker john boehner following president obama's historic move to protect millions of undocumented immigrants here in the u.s. republicans are vowing political and legal retaliation following last night address. it was a bold move by president
8:42 am
obama but one he says was necessary in order to help fix a broken immigration system. university of san francisco political science professor corey cook joins us live on the phone with his take on the fallout. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you for joining us. first off, what did you think about the president's speech last night? >> i thought it was a strong speech. i think he not only laid out the policy and the moral grounds for providing temporary relief from deportation but he provided a very clear constitutional ground. he's often criticized as being -- he was explaining very clearly his legal authority to make this action. >> we heard from the house speaker this morning saying that the gop will act. a lot of discussion about some options. they could shut down the government or impeach the president, cut off funding, block confirmation of the president's nominees. but they have to be careful because they want to make sure
8:43 am
they don't undermind the prospects in the next election. >> that's right. on election night we wondered whether essentially the 2014 election would be the prelude to 2016. we're hearing from the speaker who suggests the 2016 election is about to start. it's the same sort of campaign rhetoric we heard a few months ago. and it clearly is now being read into the 2016 campaign. >> let's put the politics aside for a moment. where do we go from here as far as illegal or undocumented immigrants? this executive action is a temporary reprieve. it's not a freebie. there are a lot of hoops to jump through. it's a three-year provation. any fundamental weakness of orders. this is the thing that gets lost in all of the rhetoric around this. they can be overridden by congressional action or overridden by future presidents while this is a significant and
8:44 am
historic order at the same time, the ball is in congress's report, they can pass legislation and this could very well be the impetus for boek side. this is a small piece of what is a significant challenge for the country. either this will be the impetus for comprehensive reforms because neither side should be fully happy with this step or this will be the end game and we'll contest this through, you know, government shutdowns and other ways to try to get at the president. >> what is your take on this action for the whole country, even if people are not undocumented immigrants? is this gonna be good for the country or a negative for the country? >> in my view, this is a half step. i think there's profound need for immigration reform. i think this gets part of the way there. all this is the president saying as commander-in-chief, he has the power to prioritize
8:45 am
deportations. he's done more deport argses han any president in history and now he's saying we don't have the resources to deport 112 million immy -- immigrants. my sense, this is part of the way there. it will be significant in a lot of communities. it will be significant in the bay area. it's still not the steps to ensure that the immigrants -- immigrants contribute to the economy and pay their taxes. >> what could this mean for president obama 'legacy? >> i think this is a prelude to the last two years. this is the framing of the last two years. either this becomes a way for the congress and the president to say let's stop the bickering and reach a real compromise. no side is happy with this action fully or it becomes the end game and we'll spend the last two years wondering if the president will be impeached and this becomes the last significant action of his
8:46 am
presidency. >> stay tuned. thank you. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. that was university of san francisco political professor corey cook. right now. president obama is on his way to las vegas where he will be speaking at the same place where he unveiled his blueprint for immigration reform back in january 2016. he will be speaking this afternoon about 1:00. we'll have full coverage online and on the news at 5:00 and 6:00. >> all right. the other hot button issue, more arrests in ferguson, missouri. protesters waiting for a grand jury decision in the police shooting death of 18-year-old michael brown the at least two people arrested yesterday for blocking a street and demanding the indictment of police officer darren wilson. ferguson missouri has been sense waiting to see if the officer will be charged. the grand jury will hold its final meeting today whether to indict officer wilson. now, officer wilson doesn't think he will be indicted with the shooting death. michael brown. reportedly, that's what he told a business manager from the st.
8:47 am
louis police officers association. wilson has stayed out of the public eye since the shooting in august but insinces he did nothing wrong -- insists he did nothing wrong. there are reports he's in the final staging of negotiations to resign from the police department. from another story we'll keep a close eye on here at ktvu. sal is keeping a close eye on the traffic on friday. it's dry. friday light? >> a little bit. >> i would say so. it's better than yesterday for sure. wednesday was the worst day. right now as we look at some of these pictures. there's one problem. there is a truck that's trying to get out -- out of san francisco and it made contact with one of the barriers at the bay bridge. a stalled truck there is and northbound 101 is very slow leaving san francisco. it's kind of hard to see because of the dense fog. but you can see for yourself. this is an unexpected delay getth out. now, coming into san francisco, that is not affected. the bay bridge toll plaza delay
8:48 am
is moderate. it looks like it's become beter. it's a 10, 15-minute drive across the span. the morning commute is getting better in san jose. 85 is cleared out. 101 and 280 are getting much better. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds around. mostly cloudy skies. thick fog as well. there are a few breaks in the clouds over san jose. still mostly cloudy skies. clouds on intercease. not -- increase. not only low. some rain on the north coast. marin county rain has been really good. last 4 hours, point reyes and mill valley seem to be the front-runners. there was pretty good rain elsewhere until you get down to the south bay and then it tapered off. pleasanton had an inch. vallejo, .23. san francisco hadn't 47. oakland almost an inch. so cal looked good. if forestville. novato as well.
8:49 am
cloudy skies. starting to thicken up to the north. this rain will stay on the north coast. already some of that is spilling over into mendocino county. i would not be surprised if the rain starts early for some. it will be later for us. we have clouds increasing. i think the north bay could be in for light rain. 27 tahoe. they finally got snow system. this next system will be warmer. sacramento 52. a lot of 40s here this morning. kind of a cold, damp pattern. this system spills over and we'll see increasing clouds and rain starts tonight. by tomorrow around 10:00 or noon most should weaken and be done. the forecast amounts have trailed off t we'll get a little bit of rain out of this. lake tahoe, increasing clouds today. maybe rain late tonight and then snow will be higher elevations. sunday looks pretty good and then next week looks dry. next rain maybe around december 1st. fog, sun, clouds, patchy, dense fog for some. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. fog will be on the increase here and then the high and mid-
8:50 am
level clouds roll in. that will give us cloudy skies. rain in the north bay by this evening, if not sooner and then overnight into saturday. by noon, most of it is dry. sunday, monday, tuesday. >> sunday, monday, tuesday. >> the fog. >> have to watch out for that. ten minutes before 9:00. well, there are vehicles that run on gas, diesel, electricity, even solar. england has just introduced something really different. this is the country's first bus powered entirely by human and food waste. it's called the biobus. some people affection natalie 234eubg named -- affectionally nicknamed is the poo bus. we talked about the smell when we mentioned the tease. i don't know. i don't know. my brother had a car that ran on like french fry oil.
8:51 am
it smemmed like french -- smelled like french fries when he was driving. he got really hungry. and that was in britain. american reporters are getting a reminder ahead of the duke and duchess of cambridge's visit to the u.s. after the break, the message straight from buckingham palace. ( siren wails ) ( pop music playing ) ♪ when you're ready ♪ ready, ready, ready ♪ come and get it ♪ get it, get it ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na ♪ na na na na na na na ♪ ♪ when you're ready, come and get it ♪ ♪ na na na na... female announcer: it's a great big world and it can all be yours. here and only here. ♪ come and get it.
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8:53. prince william and his wife will be heading to the united
8:54 am
states next month and buckingham palace is making sure the dress code is followed. the guidelines are not for the duke and duchess. instead, it's for reporters who will be covering william and kate eight visit to new york and washington, d.c. buckingham palace says men must wear a jacket and tie and women should wear a suit that includes a skirt or trousers. reporters wearing jeans or athletic shoes will be turned away. the palace says the dress code is designed to show respect for the royal family. remember, she's expecting her second child. i would be rejected. i'm not wearing the proper attire. but you would be allowed. >> bravo. we're gonna switch gears. sal has been looking forward to tomorrow for a year, right? >> we know sal is a big sports fan. cal will be playing sanford in the 117th big game. last year, the cardinal won in a blowout. 63-13. cal just recorded a single
8:55 am
victory last year. but with five wins this season, cal needs one more to call fi for a bowl game. >> and then stan fmpd has a 5-5 record right now -- stanford is has a 5-5 record right now u kickoff 1:00 tomorrow at berkeley's new memorial stadium. >> it will be exciting. we have a follow for you on our facebook page. join in. tell us who you think will win tomorrow. cal or stanford. we're looking at the results. there are 49 votes. 70% say the bears will topple the tree. there are 21 votes right now saying stanford will take the ax again. we'll see join our poll. go to the ktvu facebook page and be part of it. >> that's right. sal, i know you are very excited about this. sometimes we get animals. we had an octopus predict the
8:56 am
world cup. our executive producer had his cats try to predict the winner. let's take a look. >> to the left. to the left. [laughter] >> got one of each. >> you had a split decision. >> i think it's a tie. it will be a tie. >> okay. >> you know what they say about ties? >> i don't like ties. >> it's like kissing your sister. [laughter] >> oh. gee. tori, tori, settle down there, tori. [laughter] >> good morning. >> so, yeah. it will be an exciting game. 1:00. we'll find out from steve if it will be wet. >> i think we'll do a real quick trafficup date. northbound 101, we have a problem leaving the city. there's a stalled truck underneath the bay bridge -- not underneath it but one of the lanes of the bay bridge and the traffic will be busy as you drive through. please give yourself plenty of
8:57 am
extra time as you drive through this morning because getting out of san francisco is -- it's not affecting getting into the city. i also want to mention the traffic on westbound 80 coming here. it looks pretty good from pinole all the way town to the east shore -- way down to the eastshore freeway. now we can talk to steve. low clouds, fog, higher clouds on the increase. mostly cloudy day. kind of cool, damp out there after yesterday's pretty good rain. one more system will move into the north bay and then overnight into tomorrow. i would say rain for the tailgating but not for the game. >> stick my neck out and say by noon or 1:00, it should be done. >> might want to bring a towel to wipe down -- >> yeah. >> got it, steevtion. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for making ktvu your choice for news. and we leave you now on this big game weekend with the most memorable moment ever in stanford/cal rivalry, joe starkey made the call, simply
8:58 am
known as the play. >> rogers along the sideline. another one. they are shil in deep -- still in deep trouble. they get the ball to rogers. down to the 30, down to the 20, he's going into the end zone! he's gonna go into the end zone! the bears have scored. but the fans are out on the field. >> unbelievable. >> we'll see you on monday. thanks for watching, everyone. have a great weekend.
8:59 am
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a passenger attacks a bus driver. with a full bottle of alcohol. >> the beatdown that left witnesses shaken and stir to action. boaters are thrilled to spot a great white. did they not see "jaws?" they need a bigger boat. this one is missing a bite or two. firefighters have a burning bundle on their hands. >> that is a propane tank.


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